• Aaliyah Iona

We grow and we conquer

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back. The last month and a half have felt like a mini roller coaster of emotions and change. I have recently put to bed a matter that unconsciously caused a considerable amount of stress. What is has taught me massively is that no matter what life throws at you, how people might behave towards you or speak of you, it is extremely important to remain true to yourself.

I find one of the most stressful things in life is dealing with people. People can be so rude, so unkind and spiteful with little to no reason for it. Irrespective of what demons they might have, we are all working through something. Even more challenging is feeling obliged to accept said behaviour because of their status in your life. I want to make it clear you are not! Regardless of whether they are your manager, your partner or your long-time best friend, you are not required to accept anything less than the respect, and kindness you show. In the workplace, it can feel unnerving as you don't want your job taken from you. In relationships, you might wonder if you will ever love as deep again or find anyone. In both instances, it is never that simple. I say it all the time, but if you are unhappy about something, make a plan to amend it. Do not settle with it. Secondly, trust your gut, trust your gut and trust your gut! Those niggly feelings in the pit of your stomach and deep in your heart are not you going mad.

I remember praying on situation years ago because I was regularly being made to feel unworthy, and I thought, “Damn, where did I go so wrong to get me here?”. The truth of the matter is, I hadn’t. No one is obliged to tolerate anyone else’s BS. I am no angel, and I admit that my behaviour wasn’t always on point. Nevertheless, it did not take away the fact that someone I valued was abusing the trust and love I had for them. Frequently, we ignore the signs or kid ourselves into believing things are not that bad. Ultimately, the only person who suffers is you. Allow yourself to experience what you deserve and nothing less.

One of the best things in life you can do is metaphorically (and sometimes literally), say fuck you to the person or situation wishing to hold you down. Do not underestimate your power, and certainly do not undervalue your worth. I believe day-in and day-out, we are given lessons and opportunities to show growth. Do not waste them. Keep growing, and most importantly, keep glowing.

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