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There's something about Satin

The polls said I should write more fashion blogs so here is the first. It took a while, and honestly for no particular reason. Still, here's a little about my latest love and what I want to see less of in 2019.

It is no new news that I love to shop. I love clothes and shoes (mostly trainers); vintage clothes, new clothes, anything timeless. I can’t pinpoint the beginning of my love with fashion, but, I strongly feel it began with my mom. Whether she was wearing a fitted black dress and red lipstick for a party or an oversized t-shirt around the house the while she cooked, my mom has always been the epitome of effortless glamour to me. I remember anticipating her arrival at Primary School and the second I caught sight of a saw a long black coat and large black shades from the school gates, I knew it was my mom. I remember being in complete awe as always seemed so cool. Today, while I don’t always love the chunky jewellery she sports, I can never take away the fact that she still looks fabulous.

There are two things I strongly believe/advocate:

1.Life is too short to wear boring clothes

2. Buy for you, not for anyone else.

The first, I’m sure most people have heard before. The second, probably not. My point is, I see a lot of people forcing certain trends simply because they’re “in” and I don’t get it. Dress for you. For your body, your style and for the love of all things good, your wage. I feel like we are progressively becoming sheep and instead of being inspired and flipping an outfit our way, we practically copy and pasting our looks. There is nothing worse than seeing someone force an outfit. Of course, give things a go, but, there is no shame in something not suiting you. Before you buy, try. Try it on in the changing rooms; take pictures, send it to your friends and look at it later. Think about how will it work with your current wardrobe. Will you wear it again? Can it make multiple outfits/ be worn multiple times? Don’t impulse buy. If you do change your mind once you get home, there is no shame in returning it. That’s what a returns policy is for. There is no shame in the returns game.

My biggest issue with “trend pieces” is as quickly as they come into fashion, is usually as quick they go. Before you know it you have heaps of clothes that are no longer "fashionable" and you’re cramming your baskets and wishlists with “New In” items. By all means, if you have the disposable income to do so then do your thanggg. However, I know a lot of us are all still trying to make "it", so why exactly are you attempting to play catch-up with a lifestyle we see splashed across the gram’ be it by influencers or celebrities. Can we please chill!

It might seem contradictory I’m telling you this as I proceed to tell you about the things I’ve been loving and my style. The main thing I want you to take away from this is, buy and try for you. If it doesn’t suit you, it’s not the end of the world. If it isn’t splashed across Instagram currently, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying. Fashion has a funny way of going around and what may not be “hot” now, might be a few seasons later.

Look at this Satin blazer I bought three years ago for £6.99 in H&M's sale and a pair of satin trousers I picked up last year from ZARA. When I first picked up this blazer I had no clue where I’d be wearing it, but, I like the look. Black is always a winner too. As for the trousers, need I say anything more other than it’s ZARA. When does ZARA let you down with a pair of wide-leg trousers? Casual or smart. I've also picked up three satin dresses over the last 8 months, and they too look great dressed up and down.

If you know me, you’ll know I'll always pick comfort over style. Still, there’s something about satin that makes me not mind making an effort. Effortless glam to be specific. Haven't tried it yet? Give it a go.

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