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  • Aaliyah Iona

The year of growth

2018: Not being where you want to be, but, not giving up either. Accepting that you not being 'perfect' doesn't mean 'flawed'. 

It has been a good few years since I accepted that as an adult the years truly ‘fly by’. However, I feel 2018 has literally flashed before my eyes.

For me, 2018 has been the year I’ve found peace with myself. Most importantly, I’m learning to refrain from being so negative. It has become too easy to compare your image, finances, clothes and all things in between to both people you know and those you don’t due to social media. So much so, I think we forget the basics: nothing happens overnight! Sh*t takes hard work, a lot of which, you’ll never see on Instagram. Instead of being a negative Nancy, I have begun reminding myself that no-one's journey is the same, and if you’re truly not happy with something, don't dwell on it, change it.

Another thing I’m learning is to be is less selfish. For the longest of time, I have blamed it on being an only child. In doing so I have shifted all responsibility for my actions on a factor beyond my own control, but, I’ve slowly begun to accept that this isn’t entirely true. The truth is I am guilty of being overly selfish and seclusive. I enjoy my own company. I like things done my way and in my own time. Unfortunately, that’s not how life goes. Particularly when you want to maintain friendships and relationships. I spoke about self-reflection in a previous post, and this post very much aligns itself with that.

In this day and age, I believe we are all guilty of being unapologetically selfish as we allow a multitude of things to consume our time day-in and day-out, deflecting our attention from the relationships closest to us. I’ve seen people speaking online of experiencing loneliness and abandonment from their friends/ family. I question, 'What role did you play in that?'. This isn’t to say every lonely person is a victim of their own doing. I’m just saying, it is very easy to point your finger and say, “You’re all crap!”, but, at what point do you consider your role in the breakdown of a friendship/relationship? Have you always been there for them? Or are you guilty of the same complaint? Is it possible that due to your current crisis you’re expecting attention, meanwhile, you don’t put out the same energy on a regular basis?

All in all, I think 2019 calls for us to think more. Think before you speak AND act. Think, before you’re hard on yourself. Think, before you start to begrudge another person’s happiness. If this year wasn’t what you wanted it to be, start preparing now for the following one. I’ve seen so many people speak of their success as a ‘leap of faith’, receiving a hundred 'Nos' until that one ‘Yes’ came. Who's to say that person can't be you? I don't know about you, but, I'm ready to give it a go.

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