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  • Aaliyah Iona

So long Mercury!

The past two weeks have been WEIRD. I feel as though I’ve spent most of it either scowling or huffing and puffing as nothing has gone right. Every day for 12 days (I counted)I experienced my socks slipping inside my shoe, I’ve been more indecisive than usual resulting in skipped meals as I failed to determine what I want to eat, and I’ve felt extremely short-tempered. It sounds crazy, but it is true.

Common signs of the effect of Mercury are:

  • You become less proactive

  • Unexpected setbacks

  • You isolate yourself

  • You start doubting everything

  • You feel lost

The five points above have fit me to a tee. I haven’t felt so reluctant to carry out plans as I had during those two weeks, and in all honesty I am not mad at myself for it. Sometimes we need a break and to an extent I think I have been putting unnecessary pressures on myself. So whilst I would have loved to have written a positive post about how I tackled this weird period, the reality is, it tackled me and I am ready for the weeks ahead. December is a few days away and I am really looking forward to it. The obvious being Christmas as it is my favourite time of the year. The other reason being I am looking forward to making more time for me and enjoying being indoors. I used to enjoy the concept of “self-care Sunday” but soon after I would find myself struggling to do everything I want, as well as prepare for the up-coming week. As a result, I’d get quite down on myself and I began to feel as though “self-care Sunday” was no longer feasible. I haven’t given up on this idea, but my attitude towards it has evolved. I’ve decided to worry less about how much time is spent on myself, and to just do it.. Once a day, be it for 30 minutes or 3 hours I’ve started putting time aside to do at least one thing to make me happier. Last week I painted my nails for the first time in forever, and although I was left as disappointed as I expected when the paint began to chip, I still appreciated the 30 minutes of quiet. I had no time to scroll through Instagram as the paint needed to dry, and I got thinking about other routines I had neglected; my weekly exfoliation and reading a book. I hadn’t bothered for so long because I was certain I didn’t have time. I hereby declare, I am making that time. I’m not certain how long this will last for but the point is I am trying and that is all any of us can do.

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