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  • Aaliyah Iona

Return of the Trench (and boots, we cannot forget boots)

Autumn is finally upon us and I am very happy about it. Why? Because I can get my coats out, duh. I’m all for the summer glow but some of us find painting their toe nails every two seconds for long. Sorry not sorry! 

Vinyl trenches are everywhere for yet another year so I think it is high time we pay attention. Last year I loved the idea of wearing a vinyl trench, but then a small part of me felt intimidated. This was until I remembered who I am. I’ve been wearing long coats for a minute now. I’ve heard all the Blade/Wesley Snipes jokes, and I still continue to wear what I wear because I know I look good in it. So why I should be scared of a little shine?

If you are 5 foot nothing like me it can be hard to find the balance between a coat perfectly cloaking you as opposed to swamping you. The exact length of a coat is key. Try before you buy and rip the labels off as some long coats can drown you (I literally prance around my room in every potential outfit possible), and if all else fails just go for something a little shorter. I recently bought the ASOS DESIGN Western Pull Up boots too (middle, below). Why? Ermmm, just look at them. Below, are some extra pieces below I am loving too. Nothing says Winter like a brand new pair of boots and a statement piece to lift an entire outfit.

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