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Quarantine Self-Care: 3 Easy Steps

In just seven weeks, I can vouch that I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and behaviour as I’ve tried to get to grips with everything going on right now. I can admit that I have definitely engaged with unhealthy behaviours and self-sabotage as I’ve struggled to understand everything going on around me right now. However, the single thing that has helped me the most has been practising and maintaining self-care. It has very much been a case of trial and error, but I am slowly building a pattern towards increasing my happiness and decreasing my stress at this time. 

  1. Be honest and be open 

For the first five week’s, I struggled to admit or discuss how terrified I was of leaving my house. I refused to acknowledge it or even talk about it. Consequently, I hadn’t been on a single daily walk since being at my parent’s home. Following a conversation with my mom expressing her concern, I had to admit to myself that my refusal to join her walking was because I was indeed scared. I had felt unproductive, up then down, bored and seeking drastic ways to create some change like a hair cut or tattoo (post-quarantine obvs). It was all because of my growing concerns, and refusal to acknowledge them. Since admitting how I’ve felt, I’ve made a point of writing whenever I start to feel that way again in full, focus on adjectives like relaxed/happy and ensuring I listen to my favourite music throughout the day. I’ve also made Fridays the day I work from my room, which is much more relaxing than the lounge and creates a change of scenery. Throughout this time, it’s so important to not suppress your feelings (something I do a lot) as it really does more harm than good. Be it writing, painting or tie-dying everything in your wardrobe, allowing yourself to be expressive and creative does relieve stress. 

  1. Treat your damn self!

I don’t mean go out and buy a designer handbag. I mean do things that uplift your mood, be a deep soak in the bath with wine or manicure, and maintain practical self-care habits. I may have been the only one here, but I initially thought it wasn’t worth maintaining my wax during the quarantine. No, no, no and no. I was miserable by week two. Yes, we are indoors, and no one is going to see or appreciate your smooth legs, but feeling uncomfortable is not the high-life either. Grab a face mask, exfoliate and be as “soft and supple” *Heidi in closet voice* as you can possibly be.

  1. Don’t neglect your sleep

I get it more than anyone, playing games until late is great, but sleep is better. My energy, skin and mood suffered when I was going to bed late so I cannot emphasise how important it is to rest. Particularly if you are exercising, your muscles need rest to recover. I've started drinking hot drinks before I head to bed and listening to a podcast. I find it really helps me unwind and have a better quality sleep. For nights I feel more in need of a deep sleep, I place lavender oil on my pillow and listen to the sounds of waves or singing bowls. Guided meditations have always been a hit and miss for me, but the above really works for me. Try one of the two and let me know which works better for you. 


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