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New Glow, New Flow

Over the last month, I have received a number of compliments regarding my skin and how bright it appears. Initially, I thought everyone was mad. However, it did get me thinking as my skin has never been problematic. What is the difference? Is it simply genetics, or is there a method to the madness.

Ironically, the changes directly to my skincare have been minimal. I have been focusing a lot more on what I eat, drink and how often I exercise.

My skincare favourite is Keihl’s, hands down. Like most teenagers, I started with Clean & Clear and Simple from my local drugstore.  After a few years, I accepted there wasn’t a significant difference being made to my skin.

I recall looking around the beauty department of on an old job of mine, and I asked a few counters for some tester, Keihl’s included. In most cases, these things are trial and error as everyone’s skin is different. Keihl’s Rare earth deep pore daily cleanser was my first purchase and the significant difference it made to the deep blackheads I was experiencing was mad. I’ve since gained a little collection which I will list below. Finally, shout-out to their toner which has a really nice milk consistency. I never liked those toners which felt like you were throwing acid on your own face, but, that’s just me:

For those that know me personally, or have read my past blog posts, it won’t be new news to learn that I’m conscious of the food I eat. Following Veganuary, I have been eating considerably less meat, dairy and sugar. I could count five or more people I personally know that have seen improvements in their skin since giving up Dairy products. If you can’t commit to giving up all Dairy products, simply try swapping the milk you use in your hot drinks, cereal or porridge. Cashew and Hazelnut are my favourites by far. I have also made a point of counting how many bottles of water I drink in a day. For a short while, I got into the habit of topping my bottle up once at the start of my day and not topping it up after. If like me you’re pretty forgetful, get an app (there are apps for everything people), set a reminder or make a tally chart by your desk. Whichever works for you, but, make sure you drink. According to research the increase in blood flow by exercising can help nourish skin cells, and sweating helps remove toxins. This could my friends may be the secret as I have been exercising more regularly.  Although my new routine has been kick-started by my upcoming holiday, it is definitely something I will be maintaining. Although my new routine has been kick-started by my upcoming holiday, it is definitely something I will be maintaining. I’m not confident I’ll ever be one of those people that loves to workout; however, it has proven beneficially mentally as well as physically. It means getting a session done whether you’re in the mood or not. It’s pushing through when all you really want to do is run away from your PT (I’ve done that before, and for anyone thinking of it, they will chase you). It is all extremely new to me, but, what eight consistent weeks has taught me is that you really are the only person stopping you for being where you want to be. Be it getting in the cardio section, the weight room or pulling out a Yoga mat, give something new a go. The benefits truly outway the cons.

Six Skincare tips I swear by:

  • Identify if your skin is oily, dry or combination. This will help you identify the best type of products to apply to your skin and their effects. 

  • Drink water like it is running out of fashion. If you think water is ‘boring’ try adding a few fruits to your bottle or a small amount on concentrate like Lemon juice.

  • Genetics naturally play a factor in the condition of our bodies and skin, however, with a little attention to diet and lifestyle you can help ease certain skin conditions. 

  • Makeup isn’t a necessity; you can afford to go without. Unless you work in the makeup industry, I would suggest giving your skin a breather for the majority of the week.

  • Don't take pollution and sun damage for granted. Since living in London, I've had to pay more attention to my skin as I notice my pores clog quicker than usual. Furthermore, sun damage in real. Whether you're abroad or not use moisturisers SPF in them during warmer seasons. Don't take pollution and sun damage for granted. Since living in London my I've had to pair more attention to my skin as I notice my pores would clog quicker than usual.

  • Great skincare products are good, but sometimes a mild soap and water are too. I don’t believe people need to do five-step routines and multiple masks every day to have good skin. Prevention is fantastic, but, somedays chill.

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