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  • Aaliyah Iona

Maintaining your Crown

 When I think of my hair, I think of it as my crown. This time last year, my hair was newly straightened from a keratin treatment and I was living. That was until my workouts began to take a toll on the treatment, and I faced the prospect of wearing my hair completely natural. A year on and I know my hair better than ever. My goal is no longer to have the longest hair in the room, but the healthiest.  Its easy to get caught up looking at other people's hair and how quick their hair has grown, but don't. Spend timing learning what your hair needs and watch your crown flourish. Here are five recommendations I have vital to retaining healthy coils and curls.

  1. Prioritise your hair. Aaliyah three years ago admitted she’d rather sleep in for 20 more minutes than worry about doing her hair. If you are sporting natural hair, you need to make the time to prioritise.

  2. There is a lot of magic in a good pre-poo. Pre-pooing is the process is preparing your hair to be shampooed. It enables your hair to retain as much moisture as possible prior to cleansing your hair . I pre-poo overnight with a mix of caster oil and almond oil works through my scalp down to my roots. During this process you can literally see your hair flourish in all the oils. I find my hair feels considerably softer and moisturised post shampoo with this extra step which helps me as I prepare to style my hair.

  3. Be vigilant of how the weather will affect your hair. The same products and routine will not consistently work all year round. As an example during winter I’ll insist on using a deep moisturising conditioner and a thicker oil for sealing the hair to combat dryness caused by cold weather, unlike the Summer where I can afford to use lighter products.

  4. Water is you best friend. Don’t underestimate the impact of water on your hair. Make sure you’re adding enough before styling your hair and for great measure make sure you too are drinking enough too. Being dehydrated will effect your hair sis!

  5.  Don’t sleep on a protective style when your hair needs its. Over manipulating your hair is real so when possible, opt for some braids or twist to give your hair a break. Also, gelling your edges is not a necessity. Let those babies breathe.

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