• Aaliyah Iona

Keep the Faith

Congratulations, January is over *sigh of relief* - you made it! Should everything have gone well over the last four weeks, you’re smashing your goals and feeling excited about the upcoming year. If this is the case, please don’t stop. Continue to be energised, optimistic and do not forget why you started.

Now, if you can’t relate, don’t panic because there is still time and you are not alone.

I’d love to say I’ve made a vision board and set weekly goals, but I haven’t. For me, January has been the month I’ve just jumped back into the swing of things and haven’t made the time to plan. Although, I do plan on changing this. The main reason being, I am a scatterbrain. I could be typing a blog one minute and then watching tutorials the next because I randomly thought of an eyeshadow look I’d like to try; my attention span is disgusting. Still, all is not lost. The first step toward improvement is accountability. If you haven’t got on with things, ask yourself why. Have you started but not finished? Have you not had the time, or is it you have not created time? You can kid yourself until the cows come home, but that won't help or change anything. Ask yourself the tough questions, answer honestly and then implement ways to improve. 

Last week I very reluctantly set a limit on my most used app (Instagram, shock!), and it has forced me to acknowledge how much time I spend online instead of being productive. It's just one of the ways you can allocate time to getting things done and decrease wasted hours. Eg. turn the TV off and put the radio on, switch up your usual working space. These small changes do make a big difference. 

Finally, do write your intentions down and review your progress. It is all part of accountability. It is easy to lose sight of your goal when you aren't tracking the process. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Keep the faith and keep going x 

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