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it's official: i've gone tie-dye mad

Hello, Hello, Hello.

How is everyone doing? Well, I hope!

So it's here my little guide to tie-dye. It's truly the easiest thing to do and has really brightened my lockdown days.

In April you'll remember there was a cute tie-dye set part of my "Stay-Homedrobe" which I was crazy for. As time went by, and lockdown progressed I thought maybe this is something I can make and not bother purchasing. I was right, I made my own tie-dye set (and some), and it was the best decision I made. It was all so easy, and cost a fraction of the price. Moreover, it gave me something to look forward to during this madness which is nice all things considering.

Whether you're a shop-a-holic like me, looking to spend less or a mom eager to keep your children entertained, you will enjoy it.

Please do share the bits you create and take of yourselves!

Tie-Dye Tips:

  • Do not use anything with less than 60% cotton when using all-purpose dye. To put it short, the dye won't take and you can be left with a very underwhelming result for tie-dye.

  • When using powder dye, do give your bottle a good shake. You risk the dye not dissolving properly and grainy lumps of dye ending up all over your t-shirt

  • I recommend Rit Dye (liquid, all purpose. The colours are really vibrant and you can get a good variety. There is a dye for Polyester and other blend clothes, however, you need to dye your clothes on the oven stove which is nowhere near as easy or fun.

  • Remember, you can't mess it up. Each tie-dye is unique so just have fun with it. If you're not happy the first time around, do it again!





Bottoms (the ones I bought) / alternative

Rit Dye (All purpose - Dye more is for Polyester) - I can't find a single seller with all the colours so you will need to look through EBay

Tie-Dye Kit

Ketchup Bottles (if you don't purchase a kit and need a bottle)

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