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  • Aaliyah Iona

I'm seeing Green, and I'm not talking jealousy

I'm saying this once, and one time only: you need some green in your life! Now, I'm not about to give you a lecture on being environmental aware, although, it is always a plus; I am talking about your wardrobe. Those days when you want a bit of colour, but not too much. Something subtle, or maybe not depending on how much green you dare wear at once. Green looks great on everyone too, so think less about what piece and more about what shade. 

I'm not sure if you've noticed from Instagram, but, I have become a little obsessed with the colour green. Yes, I said it, green, and I don't just mean neon.

Slime Szn has been in full effect as it seems like neon green isn't going anywhere. However, we are finally getting all the shades and hues in-between, and I am here for it! In my opinion, it is high time designers expanded on this as I am a little bored of that single dark khaki shade. Although, there is something about different shades of green being worn together that gives the impression you aren't afraid of taking things a step further. Now, if you're not sold, start with one green piece or a little eyeshadow and an all-black outfit, then see how you go from there.

I have a really cool video onmy Instagramcurrently showing you how I wear green so if you haven't seen it already, do check it out.

Below are the 5 green pieces you definitely need to add to your wardrobe which won't break the bank, but will upgrade the looks you might have on rotation. For further outfit inspo check out the styles I'm loving in-between:

1.The T-Shirt

2.Tracksuit Bottoms




Final words, THANK ME LATER! X

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