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"I'd rather lift a burger than a Barbell"By Aaliyah Iona•02 Sep, 2018I pride myself on two things

I pride myself on two things in life, being true to myself and practicing what I preach.

When my friends discuss wanting botox here or purchasing new teeth, I’m the very first to shake my head and ask why? Of course not all our insecurities stem from the same place but I think it’s important to love the skin you’re in. You’re literally one in a billion. The "perfect blend of your mom and dad”, (as I put it) so why would you want to change? Why do you feel you’re not good enough?

Recently I feel as though I have been asking myself this again and again as I’ve begun criticising my body more than usual, and I don’t like it. I know how to practice ‘self-love’ and in all honesty, I do love the skin I am in. However, I feel I’ve grown an unhealthy obsession with attaining a certain type of body. I say obsession because of late I feel like I can’t see past it. I’d usually roll off a few things that “If I could change, I would”, and then in the next breath bite into a burger as I’m aware I can’t be bothered to physically exert myself to get there. More and more I feel like those thoughts are lingering, and I am literally dissecting my body with parts for improvements. Although I know it’s only a temporary mindset, it sure has made me consider how easy it can be to fall into a spiral of negativity towards yourself.

I remember having a friend in Secondary school discuss their desire to start purging and I was shocked to hear how little someone could think of their own appearance. At the time I had failed to appreciate that both subconsciously and consciously, we all have a tendency to critic and compare ourselves to another. So easily we pick ourselves part, list all the things that are “wrong”, and neglect the things that are good.

As concepts of what is “attractive” change, our opinions of ourselves will change too. Muscles look fantastic, there’s no denying it, but, I’m reminding myself that the women I watch so closely are literally paid to look like that for a living. I, on the other hand, am not.

Exercise, eating well and drinking water are great but some days we might just want to indulge in treats, and it is okay. Most days I would rather lift a burger than a barbell. That’s my reality and I’m embracing it.

Uplift yourself and others as we all have our days. Finally, and most importantly remember our individual journeys are just that individual.

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