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I can't believe it's June already

A small reminder that sometimes you do just have to put yourself first

I’ve been really struggling with what to post next. So, I have decided to keep it short and as sweet as possible.  Since my last post, I am feeling a lot better. I took a break from my phone and in true Aaliyah fashion, I made some new purchases. It felt great. I think we’ve become accustomed to the belief that because there are so many methods of communication, and it all works so quickly, we’re obligated to use it. The fact is, you’re not. Recently I've answered fewer calls and messaged less quickly than usual. I know some people were annoyed, but, it was what I needed at the time. It is more than okay to be selfish with your time and energy, particularly when spirits are low. Gather your thoughts, reassess your situation and prepare to move forward. It's funny because I know 2 years ago I was arguing with a friend for doing the exact same thing. But, I finally understand. If you're on the receiving end of fewer calls/replies from your friend, and you know they're going through some stuff, don't make it an issue. As annoying as it can be if space is what they need, respect it. I challenge anyone who has been feeling a bit blah to spend a little less time on their phone, to do something you love and while you’re doing it, embrace the moment. Whether it's going shopping or getting your nails done. Do something, but, most importantly do it for you.

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