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  • Aaliyah Iona

Falling back in love with my hair…

In spite of all the tips and all the talks you can have with people, sometimes it just takes you appreciating things for yourself, and on your own terms - hair included!

About a month and a half ago I decided to try a keratin treatment as this year’s sweltering heat was driving me mad. It was highly recommended by a friend and seeing her natural hair had neither shrunk or shift during a hot day at Wireless festival, it was very apparent she was onto something.

I’d love to tell you that I did scrupulous amounts of research before contacting the salon my friend visited, but, I didn’t. I was itching to get my weave out, and a keratin treatment appeared to be the answer to my prayers.

I visited the salon expecting the whole process to take between 1.5-2 hours...I was very wrong. Try 4 hours! Throughout the whole process, I had my hair washed, blow-dried and straightened twice. During the first process, whereby my hair was washed, the treatment applied and then blow dried, I honestly had to check myself to avoid crying in the chair. The stylist had the hottest temperature applied to the blow dryer, which she explained was necessary in order to activate the treatment. Now, I’ve only ever had my finger accidentally slip on the high temperature on my Wahl blow dryer, and I say 'slip' because within minutes my scalp is very hot and I think, “No sir!” as I lower the temperature. Well, imagine both the temperature and your blow dryer being stuck there. That heat you're currently imagining is exactly how hot it was. It was uncomfortable. However, when I fast-forward to the end of the process and I will admit, I’ve never been so happy with my hair in my life. It felt so silky, from root to tip. For two weeks, I’d wrap my hair at night and I’d wake up to my hair looking as good as it did in the salon. In spite of all the heat in London and me sweating during my weekly workouts. The results truly made the whole process worth it.

Today I’m wearing my hair on top of my head in a cute bun after a week of daily braid outs, and I’m genuinely dreading the thought of putting my hair away as the weather starts to change again. Following the treatment, I’ve fallen back in love with my hair. It’s felt exhilarating dragging a comb through my hair on a daily basis, and contrary to my earlier belief, my hair has been so easy to take care of.

Furthermore, I’ve felt so empowered seeing black women globally embrace their natural hair and share tips, which is half the reason I've kept at it. It’s exactly how it should have been. This doesn’t take anything away from women who continue to wear weaves and wigs, as I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with a few and some colour soon. But, for now, I’m loving what I’ve grown. As someone once told me, "You take care of your hair and she will take care of you".

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