• Aaliyah Iona

Don't wait for change, be the change

Today is International Women's Day, therefore, there is no better day than today to return from my two-week hiatus. Anyone who knows me will know I am very proud of my culture and heritage, but, it shouldn't go without saying that I am also extremely proud to be a woman. I won't sit here and pretend that there are not times when it can feel like a burden. Still, I couldn't imagine being anyone or anything else other than a black woman. I credit my best and favourite attributes to being a woman as it has honestly taught me so much.  I think it's well documented that I am always encouraging others, and myself to strive for the best; to push past hardships, and not allow life to dictate the person you become. When I consider the reason why, I believe women have a pattern of surpassing expectations and prevailing hardships, so I always ask myself, "Why can't I?". Some of the greatest and most influential women on this earth describe themselves as coming humble beginning so I believe that if there is no secret to success and it really is sheer determination, why would I not give it a go myself? On this International Women's Day, I challenge you to do something you thought was out of your reach.I think as a whole, we are in the climate of concentrating so much on what other people are doing (influencers/celebrities) that we don't allow ourselves to dream big too. If that sounds like you, stop now. Go away, plan your route to your goal, do your homework, ask questions, be vulnerable and attack. The very worst thing that can happen is you end up where you started. Secondly, not all "failures" are a failure. My most valuable lessons have come from Ls. I have cried, I have been angry, I have wanted to give up, but when it boils down to it, I know to this date, I haven't faced anything I couldn't handle. I thank God for that, and I give credit to womanhood.  Finally, remember the beauty in collectiveness. It's not everyday be selfish. If you see someone doing something you admire, let them know. If you see someone doing something you've done previously or witnessed be done, and you have advice, give it. Karma always comes back round to you, which includes the good. In world with so much negativity, it doesn't hurt to reinforce positive vibes. 

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