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COVID-19: My approach to the virus and hysteria

For the most part, I wanted to avoid this post as I didn't want to contribute to the hysteria regarding the COVID-19 virus. However, it dawned on me a lot of people may not feel comfortable addressing issues with friends or family. If this relates to yourself, then rest assured you are in great company.

I’m going to make this very clear, if you are looking for in-depth knowledge of what threat COVID-19 poses to us all and past pandemics I want to be very clear, I do not have the answers and I will not pretend I do. If you would like useful tips to help you and your family navigate through all of this, then do read on.

  • First and foremost, be considerate. As many of you might have seen, people are bulk-buying to the point that supermarkets currently have low stock on display. It is wholly unnecessary and inconsiderate to those that cannot make the stores due to ill-health, mobility or money. I understand it is very easy to see the empty shelves and think, “Shxt, I need to stock up too”, but I promise you, you don’t. I’ve always bought spares, up to two or three, however, purchasing more than that is excessive. Stores will get deliveries and will refill their shelves. Purchase the minimum you need, and keep it moving. 

  • I also think we should be more considerate of one another  in regard to the conversations we have and staying in contact with vulnerable family or friends. I think now more than ever is the time to provide support your wider circle. Let’s not increase hysteria by going on about what we have heard/seen. I am aware of how serious COVID-19 is, however, I believe between the media and gossiping we have scared a lot of people into thinking things like bulk-buying is necessary. Check up on your parents, grandparents, your friends and neighbours, be they young or old. Whether they are suffering from increased anxiety or struggling with supplies, a small line of communication can really help. Don't minimise other's concerns and do let them know they are not alone. Compassion is key in all of this.

  • If you have been given the option to work from home by your employer, work from home. This not the time to be doing the most and expecting thanks for going the "extra mile". I don't believe anyone should feel guilty about wishing to prioritise theirs and their families' health. Nor should you risk health for business. 

  • Refrain from tormenting yourself by keeping the news on all day or relentlessly searching the internet for more information. What’s going on is indeed concerning, but for no other reason than we are in unknown territory. Do not over analyse the information being provided. As this thing has progressed, I have stopped watching as much television and news as I don’t want to worry more than necessary. A lot of information has been contradictory which can be really frustrating. Visit the NHS’ website for the most accurate information and follow the recommended precautions. 

  • At this point, you cannot be too careful when it comes to cleaning, and this is something we should continue to take seriously after COVID-19. Cleaning your door handles, light switches and bannisters alongside the usual practices in my opinion, shouldn’t be a new thing, however, I do understand that sometimes the most obvious things can go forgotten. If you live in shared accommodation or in a house with 3 or more people, it’s worth creating a group plan and sharing the responsibility. It will not only protect yourselves but those you come into contact with either directly or indirectly. 

  • Use social distancing to your advantage. Take each day as it goes and do not feel obliged to do anything during this time. I've seen a lot of people online discuss self-isolation as being the best time to read, write, do yoga or plan business ideas. I initially agreed, but I had to ask myself who for? If these things will genuinely make you feel better then go ahead because feeling uplifted is the most important thing at the moment. However, do not let Instagram fool you into thinking that if you aren't drinking green tea and doing yoga poses you are failing. A good game of Monopoly or Netflix series with your family is equally beneficial. 

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