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  • Aaliyah Iona

An Economically-aware Shopping Addict

If there is any confusion, let it be known Aaliyah loves to shop. I shop when I’m happy, sad, mad, and all that lies in between. After a year of dipping in and out of my savings, I told myself I need to draw the line.Furthermore, I'd like to stop spending as much money on fast fashion as I have. Clothing waste is an issue I want to take seriously, and there really is no need for brands to develop 100+ new items per week. It all looks the same and the majority of it is only good for one wear. I’ve given myself a date to save a certain amount of money by and it has forced me to look closely at where my money goes. It would appear that what I considered as little purchases between £40-80 at a time nearly every week was accounting for nearly £300 a month that would have been better sat in my savings. The unfortunate reality is, I have at least three vacuum bags full of clothing I’ve tucked out away due to not wearing them enough to justify them taking up wardrobe space. On top of that, I have clothes hanging which haven’t been regularly worn within the last two months. So why exactly am I buying new clothes for? To be “on trend”? For a short term fix? Whatever the answer, it doesn't warrant a new outfit for every occasion. As a result, I set myself the challenge to spend less. I'd encourage anyone to make smarter purchases like timeless pieces, not just trend ones. Access how often you actually plan on wearing a new purchase and if the items in your wardrobe can easily be mixed-and-matched with it. We have washing machines for a reason, it is not a crime to re-wear outfits. Don’t let paid and gifted Instagram influencers kid you into thinking otherwise because you will end up being worse off than them. For the first time in years, I was caught off guard with ZARA's sale as I hadn't paid any attention to what was in-store in online. Nevertheless, I was pleased to receive an email notifying me up of the upcoming reductions, and more so when I saw a few of the following pieces. Now I'm not saying you need to buy it all, however, if you must grab a few bits, then I think these items are worth considering. If you think the price is too high, I would strongly suggest checking back in on your local ZARA/ online on a Tuesday or Thursday in the weeks to come. On these days during sales, the price tends to be reduced so it can be worth holding out. How do I know, I told you, I have shopped a lot.

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