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ABOUT Aaliyah (pronounced: Aah-lee-yah)

They say you won't know until you try, so here I am, trying... For the longest of time, I’ve been back and forth about stepping out of my comfort zone and creating content such as a blog. Why the back and forth? In short, because who actually enjoys being uncomfortable? Not me. Not I. No ma’am! Despite being a strong-minded only child, who isn’t so much afraid of stepping out alone, like the majority of the population, I still experience that thing called “self-doubt”. Specifically, I hate the idea of failing. The thought of failing is something I have battled my entire life, from my studies to relationships, it has shadowed the decisions I've made. However, recently someone suggested that without trying I was already failing so here we are. Hello Blog!

Who Am I? Aaliyah (pronounced: Ar-lee-ah), Iona is my middle name Why Not YouTube? In short, I couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting in front of a camera and just speaking and speaking and speaking. I’d cringe having to watch myself back editing so that threw YouTube right out the window. What is this blog about? In short: Lifestyle, fashion and career I want to share my thoughts and experiences and hopefully help some people along the way.  I've followed a few bloggers for a while now but they're currently starting families and are at the peak of their career, and I'm struggling to relate. They're still great, but, I'm a few years younger and I'm still finding my purpose. I want to document that.  What am I about? I’m a Dance graduate living in London, trying to create/find an opportunity that allows me to keep in touch with the things that interest me the most. I’ve always said I’m not cut out for the 9-5 and as the years go on, it is becoming more evident. I need to be creative and I've recently discovered  Quick 10 Facts:

  1. 10 is my favourite number

  2. I’m an only child. I often say I was all my parents needed, but, I would have loved having a younger sibling or two

  3. I shop too much

  4. I check my horoscopes everyday

  5. I love a good cocktail

  6. Breakfast/Brunch is my favourite meal of the day

  7. I can’t stand being cold

  8. I don’t have one favourite colour. I can never whittle it down to one so I have four: Black, Pink, Lilac and Yellow

  9. My parents are my best friends

  10. 9/10 I am wearing trainers. I’m just not “girly”

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