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2020: Make It, Make Sense

In the year we are claiming 20/20 vision, please, please, please...before you speak and move, "Make it, Make Sense".

The cat's out the bag, this world is inundated with problematic people, I would start with Trump, but his idiocy gives me a headache. Instead, we'll discuss what's close to home: Prince Harry and Meghan.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan have formally announced that they would like to step back as “senior members of the Royal family”. Instead of respecting a young couple's wishes, the UK is furious. Despite all the campaigning and awareness made for mental health, people cannot comprehend that Prince and Meghan would want to prioritise their well being. I’m going to keep this short and cute, they are tired of the racism. There isn't any status or money in the world that should force anyone to stay in a situation in which they are unhappy. As a result, I am in full support of their move. The UK prides itself on diversity and being accepting of others, but, it is apparently on a condition. On the condition that you remain within certain boundaries, you don't make a fuss, and that you take what you’re given. The disproportionate criticism of Meghan this week vs. Prince Andrew, who was unable to explain his involvement in a sex scandal is horrifying honestly, still, I'm unable to say I'm completely surprised. 

To conclude, as of today I propose that we (inhabitants of this crazy nation) start making sense out of nonsense, we become selfless and most importantly, empathic. Please and forever more, Aaliyah Iona, advocate of the "Make It, Make Sense" policy. 

(does not hold breath)


2020, we really are doing this. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I really didn’t deep this new decade thing until New Years Eve came, and went. One week in, and I’m like “Ok, I’m ready now”. As of this week I have decided 2020 will be the year I stop limiting myself. I will speak everything I want into existence, unapologetically. For as long as I can remember, I have been one of those people who found it hard to visualise everything they wanted as I feared I was either undeserving or that my dreams were “too big”. This year, I’m forcing myself to let that shit go and imagine it all. I have since learned that those feelings of unworthiness are derivative of imposter syndrome, and it is extremely common. As a result, I’m making it my mission to make myself uncomfortable. Towards the end of last year, I was very uncomfortable as I felt like certain situations had forced me to be vulnerable. It’s a working progress, but I can already see that had they not happened, I wouldn't have my current mentality. I wouldn’t be as determined as I am today. I potentially would have continued coasting through life. This year, I have decided to be accepting of all change and to work on being kinder to myself through the things I say, and do. It’s a weird one because often people have this impression of me always as having my shit together and knowing all the answers, honey, no. I most definitely do not. What I try to do is bounce back, because being down has never served anyone. To conclude, on this beautiful Sunday after our first week in 2020 set out your own intentions for the month. Do not overwhelm yourself with responsibilities. Be kind to yourself, speak positive affirmations, and go get what you deserve.

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